Dailymotion lines up 2014 projects at new Paris Studio


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The Dailymotion video site has signalled its desire to go into the ‘premium’ first content space by lining up a slate of exciting new shows to be urban and filmed in-house at its groundbreaking new studio in Paris.

Dailymotion’s Paris studio, a 600m squared space boasting 3 video stages, post production facilities and a projector room is the first of its kind for the video platform and could lead to similar ventures being launched in London, New York and LA.
The video portal which bills itself as the following largest video site on the web after Youtube, is now inviting regular users and content partners the chance to utilize its state of the art new creative space to make better and more regular programming for the platform.
“ The type of shows we will make are linked to the verticals that are working on the website, so most of the new programmes will be around music, pop culture, humour and sports,” said Marc Eychenne, Head of international content at Dailymotion.
Some of the shows currently being filmed at the studio include a live DJ Show called Overdrive made by French beats-meister TEKI Latex, a surreal and rather French talent show called Le Cabinet de Curiosites and a couple of French language sports talk shows covering the NBA and NFL respectively.
Dailymotion is accepting submissions from platform partners who want to develop first programmes in Paris and, along with production facilities, will also help with the distribution and monetize side of the venture as long the content remains a Dailymotion exclusive.
You can find out more information on how to become a partner at Dailymotion.com and will need to send a brief project pitch to studio@dailymotion.com.