How to Secretly Retrieve Deleted Text Messages From Your Spouses iPhone

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve accidentally deleted something vital off our iPhone.   Maybe  it was an unique photo,  vital text message , or phone number.   When this happens, and you are franticly looking for a way to retrieve the data from your iPhone, what options do you have? 

Are there really any “simple” ways to retrieve deleted messages from an iPhone? The excellent news is that there are a couple options available to you that enables you to straightforwardly recover text messages that you’ve accidentally deleted off your iPhone.


An iPhone Spy Stick ( looks like an ordinary USB drive, but the way an  iPhone Spy Stick Data Recovery Tool works is you simply plug one end of the cables into the iPhone, then the other end into your PC.  

Using the included software (of the iPhone Spy Stick), you’ll be able to immediately retrieve and read deleted text messages, view photos, recover deleted call logs, and even GPS locations.


  • Not vital to jailbreak the iPhone. 
  • No software to install on the iPhone.
  • Extremely simple to use.
  • Works “after” the data is deleted versus having to install something before the data is deleted.


  • Requires constant access to the iPhone. 
  • A bit pricey.


 The following option is to buy   iPhone spy software that is regularly used to catch cheating spouses, monitor teens cell phone use and track employees.  Despite the term “spy” in the name, this type of software is becoming a well loved way to recover deleted data off your iPhone. 

The reason why its becoming well loved using an iPhone spy app as a recovery tool, is because there is no “syncing” vital, or any buttons or settings to worry about. Your iPhone data (text messages, call history, etc.) are automatically backed up every single day. This means if you ever  accidentally rub out  a text message, and then need to quickly recover it, all you have to do is log onto your account and then in just a few clicks, you’ll have full contents of every message that was either sent or received from your iPhone.

In synopsis , iPhone spy software is essentially a real time personal back up solution that requires categorically ZERO work on your part. Everything is done for you.  The ONLY thing you NEED to dredge up, is that you must install the iPhone spy app software BEFORE any messages that you want to retrieve are deleted. 


  • Extremely effective.
  • Affordable (prices start at roughly half the cost of an iPhone Spy Stick)
  • Entire text message history is retrieved, not just recent ones. 
  • Can access the iPhone logs remotely. 


  • Installation takes time, especially for anyone who isn’t comfortable installing cell phone apps. 
  • Software must be installed prior to message being deleted.
  • Requires committed internet connection. 
  • Requires that you jailbreak the iPhone.

In synopsis, if you’ve accidentally deleted an vital text, don’t worry because now you know a couple different ways on how to recover deleted text messages from any iPhone. For more meticulous information on how to recover deleted text messages from an iPhone, check out this FREE spy phone software resource site.