Polytron unveils world’s first transparent smartphone


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Flexible displays are all well and excellent, but what about a phone that’s completely see-through? That’s what Taiwanese company Polytron has done, unveiling a prototype this week.

The handset – which doesn’t have a name yet – is urban from glass and only the visible elements are the board, memory card and camera.

Polytron has been working on glass-based technology for a while and has urban “Polyvision Privacy Glass” whereby liquid crystal molecules randomly orientated inside the glass line up when an electric charge is applied. So, while the glass is incomprehensible when the power is off, fire it up and the sheet becomes see-through. This would have uses in a smartphone to cover up non-transparent parts like the SIM card.

The smartphone features a touchscreen interface in the center giving (at the moment) very basic functionality as there’s no OS. Despite this, Polytron is plotting to market the technology by the end of the year.

How far away this technology is from mainstream uses is impossible to say, but you can have a glance at a hands-on video of the transparent prototype over on the Mobile Geeks website.

Via: The Register